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Stream Madchild’s Newest Album “Silver Tongue Devil’

The Swollen Member releases his third solo LP.

Photo by Dominik Magdziak

Last we heard from Madchild he was competing in the King Of The Dot rap battle and getting twitter shoutouts from Drizzy. Since then, the Vancouver-based emcee has crafted a new project, Silver Tongue Devil, which is now available for streaming. Set to be released on July 24th, Madchild’s third solo album features collaborations with Evidence, Slaine, Demrick and JD Era. Leading up to the release of the new LP, The Swollen Members rapper released videos for his hard-hitting singles “Devils and Angels,” “The Jackel” and “Lose My Mind.”

The dark and edgy sound of the singles is maintained throughout the album with tracks such as “Night Time Kill” and “Slayer,” however Madchild also displays his ability to achieve a more accessible sound on songs like the country-influenced “Everytime.” Legendary street artist L’Amour Supreme is responsible for the creation of the album art and liner notes which match the attitude of the project. In addition to the LP, Madchild has announced the dates for his Canadian headline tour in September with fellow Battle Axe Warriors Demrick, Adlib, and Saskatchewan based emcee Pimpton.

Dean Rosen is a writer living in Toronto – @deanrosen1