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A. Crusher's "Pebbles Massive" Video Is Terrifyingly Beautiful

Happy Holidays.

Just in time for the holidays, Andrew Crusher's (Former Local Natives Bassist Andy Hamm) video for "Pebbles Massive" will ruin any, and all, Christmas cheer. Well, kind of. The video, which is animated by Zeb Wells (Marvel Comics & Robot Chicken writer) and Cam Leeburg (visual effects, Robot Chicken), is the first off of his debut solo album Melted Bodies Vol. 1. And there's a kid, a killer present, and a lot of blood, and it's all very entertaining but, of course, there's no happy ending.

On his new album, Hamm says he has paid homage to the work of horror auteurs like David Cronenberg and Nobuhiko Obayashi and slasher classics. “It’s something I’ve loved since I was a little kid, so the album was a way to outwardly express that for the first time,” Hamm said in a press release.

This video is the first glimpse. Watch "Pebbles Massive" above.