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Campo-Formio Combines Surf, Prog, Punk, Hosery as Headwear, Shady Cash Deals, Fistfights, Guns for New Video

Check out the new video by this Puerto Rican band for the first time here at Noisey

If there's one type of ground that prog rock covers over ad nauseaum it's definitely the illegal gun trade, no? OK, maybe not. Well then, hats off to Puerto Rico’s Campo-Formio for breaking new ground for the genre by highlighting youthful gangster rebellion in their new video for the song “Barón Barón.”

Centered around several garage riffs that will have your blood pumping, the track starts with a Black Keys/Sabbath style stomper that segways into surf-y punk right as the video morphs into a fight sequence. Then after the three-on-one fight comes yet another segment and another change, this time to a ripping and jammy grunge-style break down. What a journey.

Channel your inner badass and watch the video for “Campo-Formio” above for the first time