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Brooklyn's Baked are Subliminally Encouraging You to Get Baked with New Song "Hungry Ghosts"

Well that's what we think anyway.

Brooklyn quintet Baked’s new, appropriately titled single “Hungry Ghosts” is a serious case of chill. If your soul has a case of the munchies, this is the perfect track to snack on. Tranquilizing vocals layered on top of subtle guitar is the cherry on top of this musical sundae. It's psych-pop, plus shoegaze mixed in with indie rock—the perfect base for singer RJ Gordon’s deep, yet placid vocals.

The band are fresh off a tour with Titus Andronicus and gearing up for their debut release, Debt, on 8.19, via Exploding In Sound Records. “Hungry Ghosts” ensures there will be plenty of tasty tidbits to nibble on, so be sure to leave room for more Baked goods. (Sorry! Had to!)

Baked Tour Dates

7/12 - Brooklyn, NY @ Secret Project Robot [Impose/EIS Festival]
07/22 - Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Bueno, Florida, & Crown Larks

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