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Stream the Soul Search / Minus Split Seven-Inch in Full and Try To Mosh Quietly at Your Desk

Streaming in full, and brutal to the max.
August 1, 2014, 3:43pm

Let's be real here. It's summer, its gorgeous out, and you are more than likely stuck at work and bored as shit, watching the clock tick by. You had a summer Friday and used it already and now you are moments away from wishing a swift and merciless death to end the suffering. Please, don't resort to those measures. In fact, take out all of your frustrations with the new Soul Search and Minus split seven-inch!


Muscular, furious and downright terrifying, both SoCal bands throw some serious punches, each delivering a pair of modern hardcore tracks that make up the release in full. Stream it in full, order yours now via the venerable Closed Casket Activies, and try to not headwalk any co-workers on the way to the fax machine.