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Here Is San Cisco's New Single, "Awkward"

San Cisco, our new favorite Aussie popsters, just sent us in their single for "Awkward," which takes all those feelings of clumsy oafishness and smooshes them into a catchy tune.

Awkwardness, unless you're the walking Greek marble statue that is Ryan Gosling, is an inescapable part of life. San Cisco, the four piece Australian band, have taken all those feelings of clumsy oafishness and smooshed them into a pop song that features less awkwardness and more head bouncing. The band will be kicking off a UK tour with Darwin Deez on April 25th, and will return to the US in July, just in time to play Lollapalooza. Listen to the track below, and buy the band's EP, also titled Awkward, here.