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Premiere: Shagabond and Nomo Maintain Their “Fu Manchu” for Summer

They must-ask you to respect their funk in this new remix.
June 2, 2015, 1:20pm

Photo courtesy of James Ellis

For those of you who need an anthem for your upper lip, 18-year-old Toronto producer Shagabond has decided to team up with groove specialist Nomo for the track “Fu Manchu." Departing from the slow burning analog sounds of the original track, Shagabond bumps the single up a touch with his usual warm, airy synths while working in the soothing, pleasant vocals of Nomo. All of this sets the tone for those perfect summer vibes, moods, and goals that are sure to make this artist one to watch for the rest of the year.​

"Nomo is actually a good friend of mine outside of music,” Shagabond explains. “We met last year through family and coincidentally, we both happened to be independent artists. I was looking for a vocalist and he was looking for beats, so the collaboration happened pretty naturally."