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Cam Smith's "Mad Crack" Video is a Cinematic Adventure

Bringing back the art of storytelling in music videos by showing you what happens when you take bad drugs.
September 2, 2014, 6:35pm

Back in the 80s, music videos were so novel and so popular that the medium became serious adventures in cinema. The best example, John Landis’s “Thriller,” is a goddamn masterpiece. In that spirit, Halifax rapper and producer Cam Smith brings back the music video’s narrative power with “Mad Crack.” It’s the second single from his newest LP, Cannon, a sketch-based party record coming out October 1.

“Mad Crack” pays homage to 1987 melt-movie Street Trash, with visual allusions to the Tenafly Viper wine that turns thirsty junkyard hobos into gruesome ooze. It’s a badass cult-horror flick that informs the apocalyptic aesthetics of Cam Smith’s neon crack house. But it’s not just any crack; it’s Cam Smith’s mad crack and it liquefies his rap competition. Best be careful when you’re buying shit in back alleys.

Adria Young only messes with happy crack - @adriayoung