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This is The Weirdest Shit That's Appeared in Our Inbox All Year

Featuring members of Fat White Family, Childhood and Paranoid London, this video from Warmduscher tells the story of one band's tireless voyage through the shark-infested seas of the music industry.'s inbox is always full of premium grade verbal excrement. To wade through it is to stand knee-deep in bucket loads of unread press releases and misaddressed emails, which refill at a speed faster than our fractured human minds can keep up with. But among the invitations to "rustic, yet revolutionary" cocktail launches, music-related survey results, and requests for us to get off our lazy asses to do some work, there can often be a reward. A piece of music that's a souvenir of a world that still has the ability to surprise us. So, then, to Warmduscher, a band from the south of London, the greatest city in the world.


Look at that press shot above and tell us that it isn't one of the most remarkable assemblements of stationary image to ever bless your retinas. The man in the middle is Saulcano (Saul, from the Fat White Family). In some ways, it's as though the picture has ascended from hell and into the high-heavens, before descending back down into our eyes and warming our dear hearts. The other people in the picture are the other guys in Warmduscher: Clams "Disco Face" Baker, Lightnin' Jack Everett, Ben "Salt Fingers" Lovecraft, and The Witherer, who all play in the likes of Childhood, Paranoid London and Throbbin' Williams. I'm writing all this today because they're here to introduce their latest track "The Sweet Smell of Florida".

Now, we could spend a minute describing "The Sweet Smell of Florida", but we've already spent far too long typing into our keyboards and it's almost time for lunch. So, just know that this is perhaps the most extraordinary video we've received all year. We'll let you forge your own opinion on it, since that's how these things usually work. As a set-up, here's what Warmduscher have to say about it: "One band's tireless voyage through shark-infested seas of the music industry, in hope of reaching the promised land". Have a watch below.

Video by Niall Trask, Sophie Wedgwood & Warmduscher. Edited by Niall Trask. Out on Speedy Wunderground June 3rd.