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They're One of the Best Live Bands in Britain—Here's the Video for "Hey" by Slaves

It's the story of a man coming undone on a night out.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Slaves could be one of the best live bands in Britain right now. When we saw them at Brighton festival The Great Escape we described the frontman as "like Ray Winstone but actually funny" and talked about their song "Girl Fight" which lasts for sixteen seconds.

The band are a two-piece and their live-show is like riding an exhilirating thrill ride: two men stand in front of you, one playing the drums, one playing the guitar, both cracking jokes, both looking dapper. Sweat dripping down their faces. Eyes wide. The main takeaway though is that Slaves play fucking loud; a trait also apparent in "Hey," their latest single, which has been given a brand new shiny video.

Shot by the legendary Roger Sargent—who made the brilliant Fat White Family bumhole video and takes almost every good photo you've seen in a music publication—the video features Laurie and Isaac shouting at you down a camera lense. Because they can describe it better than me, here's what the band have to say:

"'Hey' has quite a loose theme and the lyrics jump from one place to another. With an intense breakdown and half time section the song for me is quite a confusing one without a direct message. We wanted a video that represented this. A man coming undone on a night out. Unsure of what is happening to him; a loose plot of people messing with his instincts."

So, there you have it. Now you know what you're looking at with your eyes.