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iLoveMakonnen's Review of Pitchfork Music Festival

"I love u"

Makonnen by Petya Shalamanova

Yesterday, Makonnen moved his cooking class from Thursday to Friday and took the main stage at Pitchfork Music Festival. His set—during which he delivered a couple new tracks on top of his already fire back catalog (we got "Tuesday," of course, and "I Don't Sell Molly No More," "Whip It," and "Maneuvering")—appropriately started at 4:35, the weed slot for festivals because it's the closest to 4:20. It's pretty fucking hot in Chicago right now, so everyone was appropriately turned up and sweating on one another. Rather than writing, again, how much Noisey loves Makonnen, we instead just asked him to review the festival and his late night Boiler Room set via DM on Twitter. This is what he had to say.