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PREMIERE: Stream 911 Turbo’s Über Non-German New Album 'No Limits on Zee Autobahn'

The Saskatchewan techno-rockers' return with an exclusive stream of their new album.

Photo Courtesy of Tristan Becker

Everyone’s favorite German techno rockers who aren’t remotely German are back with a brand new album called No Limits on Zee Autobahn. The album, which is the Saskatchewan-based group’s third, stays in line with their previous work, maintaining a high-energy, party feel. However, Von Hattie, one of 911 Turbo’s two members, said they were also trying to move forward on No Limits. “It is zee the best, brightest and most turbo album yet. It is zee fastest, sexiest, drunkest, soberest, most religious and least religious album yet,” Von Hattie said.

The seven-track album is a mix of old and new 911 Turbo songs. The new material was recorded amidst trips to notorious party town Banff, Alberta, where the band is a semi-regular performer. Additionally, Von Hattie remixed and polished some of the group’s old favourites including “Cruise Control.” “Vee took it back to zee roots on this album. Stripped it down to the chassis and built it back up. Paid to tribute to zee Kraftwerk, yeah?” said Von Trask, the group’s other member. As a whole however, Von Trask said the No Limits is a concept album that aims to capture the feeling of driving on Germany’s infamous Autobahn highway. “Vee put you in the driver’s seat, not at mine feet, but with zee wind in your hair,” he said, “It’s like you’re in the stadium listening to zee Kraftwerk, but the stadium is your future Porscha and Kraftwerk is actually your girlfriend.” (“Yes, your punk rock girlfriend with zee tattoos!” added Von Trask.)

Both Von Hattie and Von Trask said they couldn’t pick a favourite song off of No Limits. “All zee songs are Turbo babies. You can’t cut them in half like old biblical times: they must remain whole.” Von Trask said. But even though No Limits hasn’t officially released yet, 911 Turbo has big plans and is already looking ahead to the future. “Vote 911 Turbo in the next American election! Vee vill take down zee Trump. Vee vill Trump zee Trump!” exclaimed Von Trask. No Limits on Zee Autobahn will be released on iTunes this month. Listen to an early album stream below.

Scott Davidson is a writer living in Saskatoon. Follow him on Twitter.