Breaking Based News: Lil B Apologizes For Dissing The Weeknd

It's never too late to say sorry, Lil' B.
March 1, 2016, 9:42pm

Sometimes when life gets us down our emotions get the best of us. Take, for instance, the usually gracious Lil B who, without warning on the track “4 Tha Record” and over Twitter stated, “Fuck The Weeknd.” As you can imagine, the internet was taken aback and wondered what could’ve caused the rift between the moody pop artist and leader of our almighty Task Force. Thankfully, in a recent cover story with ILY, The Based God has addressed the matter while also illustrating his most powerful ability: forgiveness.

According to Lil B’ the brief spat was the result of Abel unfollowing him on Twitter. "I want to apologize and take back saying, ‘Fuck The Weeknd.’,” said Lil B. “I thought back to that moment and said, ‘Why’d I do that?’ That’s not right. The Weeknd is a good guy… and I want him to know that. I talked to him before everything really blew up, and he told me how he felt. I definitely want to apologize about what I said about The Weeknd, and I want him to know that.” If there was ever a lesson to take away from this it is that bad words, smart but a big heart can always restart. We'll always be proud of you Lil' B. Love.

Jabbari cried while writing this. Follow him on Twitter.