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We Went to Culture Abuse's Album Release Party

The San Francisco punks celebrated the release of 'Peach' with a weekend of shows, exhibitions, BBQ, and, of course, peaches.
May 23, 2016, 4:00pm

All photos by Josué Rivas

San Francisco kitchen sink punks Culture Abuse recently released their excellent new album, Peach—which we streamed alongside our extensive feature on the band—and it's so good that we thought it deserved not just a party, but a whole weekend of celebrations.

The guys posted up at the Growlery in Lower Haight for a slate of performances, DJ sets, pop-up shops, and a very cool exhibition showcasing the band's growth through photographs, installations, and other visual art created by its members.


We stopped by to check out the scene, partake in some beer and BBQ with the guys, and, of course, chow down on some delicious peaches. Check out our snaps from Culture Abuse's album release party below.