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The Latest Jam by Rising Sydney MC Manu Crooks is Aptly Titled ‘Blowin' Up’

Listen to the track and get hyped ahead of Manu's performance at the opening for Aussie hip-hop blog Thank Guard’s new night.

Danny Brown’s manager read a piece on Ausse hip-hop site Thank Guard and liked what he saw. So ahead of Brown’s most recent Australian tour he reached out to James Ruklis, editor of Thank Guard, asking him to recommended a support for Danny’s Sydney show.

James' suggestion, Manu Crooks turned out to be a good choice. The rising Sydney MC was blowing up on the back of his Dopamine produced track “Everyday,” and his style that fused hard-hitting bars with just the right amount of autotune was gaining traction in Sydney and beyond.


So when Thank Guard, whose motto is ‘Australian Hip-Hop That Doesn't Make You Cringe,' announced the launch of a monthly Aussie hip-hop night at Melbourne’s Boney, Manu stepped up to return the favor and play the opening party.

Listen to Manu’s latest Dopamine produced track, the aptly tiled “Blowing Up”, and read a short interview with him before he helps launch Thanks Guard alongside Nico Ghost, Charlie Threads, Miles Glyphers, Nyuon and Nasty Mars.

Noisey: What was the inspiration behind “Blowing Up”? I’m especially interested in the line, “We are just living young and living dumb”.
Manu Crooks: Just the freedom to make mistakes. Of living in the moment and just being young and having fun.

Dopamine seems to be getting some big time news. What’s he like to work with him?
We are all fam! We in the studio almost 'everyday (pun intended) so it's organic.

How important is the support from blogs like Thank Guard for young Aussie hip hop talent?
The support is everything! I think it's important that home grown blogs support home grown artists. They referred me to Danny Brown's people to do the Sydney show so when I got hit up to do the hip-hop night it was like, "They've showed love, I gotta show love back."

What are you most excited about Australian hip-hop in 2016?
I think it's at a massive turning point. It's exciting to see all these artist coming out from Sydney and are hungry, also like the growth in diversity within the culture is dope.

How do you decide on how much auto-tune to use?
I use auto-tune when I feel like giving my vocals some texture, there's a certain vibe it gives you that raw vocals don't.

THANK GUARD Monthly Launch:
June 30 - Melbourne at Boney with Manu Crooks, Nico Ghost, Charlie Threads (Mixtape Launch), Miles Glyphers, Nyuon & Nasty Mars.