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Listen to an Excellent Red Red Krovvy Song That Sounds Like it Was Recorded In a Horse Stable

‘This Town Sux’ continues the great musical tradition of punks declaring that their hometown sucks arse.

Image: Glen Schenau

Red Red Krovvy aren’t the first punk band to declare that their hometown sucks. Hell, they probably weren’t the first band from Cairns to have written a track dissing the North Queensland city when they recorded “This Town Sux” not long after forming at Cairns State High School.

Taken from Now And Then, a new cassette released from Paradise Daily, the track was recorded eight years ago to a microphone on a floor somewhere. And it sounds like it.


But while the recording of the tape, which also contains songs such “Blood Gravy” and “Fuck Off Die in a Well’, may be crude, it’s a good indicator of a young band finding their sound before developing into one of the better and more interesting punk bands in Australia.

Now with members situated in Sydney and Melbourne, and playing in Bed Wetting Bad Boys, Grotto, and Little Desert, you wonder if they played “This Town Sux”, in their new hometowns whether it would be with the same sentiment and enthusiasm. All towns suck in some way.

'Now And Then' will be available soon from Paradise Daily.

Catch Red Red Krovvy:
June 24 - Sydney at Portugal Madeira Club