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Introducing Zipper Club and Their Very First Track "Going the Distance"

Don't call it a supergroup. It's just pals Cerebral Ballzy's Mason and Lissy of Lissy Trullie making sweet music. And Smashing Pumpkins' James Iha on production. Casual.

NB: this is not a cover of Cake's seminal hit. Although it is a good reminder to listen to that song again. So. Fucking. Good. But back to business: below is the first track from Zipper Club, a band made up of Cerebral Ballzy founding member Mason James and Lissy Trullie's, erm, Lissy Trullie.

The project started a couple years ago with James writing on his own and tracking down Smashing Pumpkins' James Iha—who was the only name on his list of desired producers. The duo call him a "subtle mad scientist." Penning these tunes was an escape for James, retreating to his apartment to compose and recover from the emotional and physical fall out of so much time on the road with Cerebral Ballzy. Bringing Lissy into the fold solidified the sonic vision and the pair became Zipper Club.

"It’s a song about constantly moving places but going nowhere," the duo explain of their debut cut. “'Going the Distance'” is our account of the apathetic feeling arising from a meandering trip."

This is a surprising explanation to us because if you don't listen to the lyrics "Going the Distance" is very John Hughes-esque, very feel-free and feel-fine and roll the car window down a little further. A synth-laced, trench-coat-cinematically-billowing-as-you-run-around-the-city-streets kind indie pop. But isn't that the sweet spot? The rub between zippy melodies and lyrics that chip away at life's melancholic little moments.

"Going the Distance" is out on 6.24 via all digital platforms.