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Listen to Bib’s New Album Then Go Check Yourself Into an Anger Management Course

These punks prove that not all people of Omaha are ‘good folk’.

Image: Emma Penrose

Like the inhabitants of most mid-sized midwestern cities, the people of Omaha are often characterised as being hardworking, fresh and wholesome. Good folk. But there’s nothing wholesome about Bib, a hardcore punk band who many Omaha locals feel should remain in the basement of that sketchy punk house down the street.

This is noisey, blown out hardcore that some have compared to Hoax and Pissed Jeans. It ain't pretty and it ain't nice.


Last year the band released one of the demos of 2015 and after a couple of represses of self dubbed tapes and a bunch of downloads, it’s now getting the vinyl treatment through Deranged records.

Have a listen below and read a brief chat we had with the band's Brock Stephens.

Noisey: Somebody told me that the motto for Omaha is ‘Rare. Well Done’. Is that because you have a lot of cattle?
Brock Stephens: Haha I’d never heard that phrase or motto before but I just looked it up on wiki and it turns out you're right. It’s definitely a beef reference, though I cannot verify if they're talking about the cattle or the beefy riffs coming out of Omaha. The only motto we know about is "the crank."

What is the best punk band to have ever come from ‘Rare. Well Done’?
Omaha has had and continues to have a huge mix of incredible punk and hardcode bands. My personal favorite of all time has to be Pisswalker. Martin, if you see this, come home, son.

Where is Sweat City and why so much perspiration?
Sweat City is where the punks live.

You are about to head out on the road including a spot at Dumb Fest. Any bands in particular that you are keen to check out?
Yeah we have a ton of shows this summer. Maybe too many? But who cares as long as there is food around. We have a lot of local shows, a short weekend trip to Indiana and Canada, and some fests in Illinois and St Louis. I'm basically excited to see every band, but really can't wait to see some of the best punk bands in America including Q, CCTV, Urochromes, Chasm, The Bug, Waveless, 86 Gemini, Warm Bodies, and more. The Bug is playing an after show in a cornfield. That's that freshy crank if you know what I'm saying. If you don't, come to Omaha.

Who did the album artwork? The mace is one of the gnarliest of weapons. There is a lot of talk in the current US election about gun control. What if we replaced guns with maces? Open carry maces.
All of our artwork is done by Chase "Hellahammer" Mason from Arizona. Chase sings in a sick death metal band called Gatecreeper. We always just say, "make something sweet" and something sweet is delivered every time. I'm really only into open carry riffs and will be voting for whoever is backed by the NRA (National Riff Association)

The Bib demo 7’ will be available in July through Deranged.

Catch Bib at these shows:
June 11 - Springfield at Dumb Fest
June 12 - Omaha at Slowdown w/ Culture Abuse
June 14 - Omaha at Milk Run w/ Waveless
June 19- Omaha at Milk Run w/ Weakwick
June 24 - Omaha at West Wing w/ OAF
July 13 - Hammond at Rancho Relaxo w/ 86 Gemini
July 15 - Toronto at Faith / Void
July 16 - Montreal at Loud House
July 17 - Ottawa at Pressed Cafe
July 24 - Omaha at Milk Run w/ Warm Bodies & The Brain
July 29 - Omaha at Reverb Lounge w/ Bent Life, Spine & Weekend Nachos
Aug 27 - St Louis at PU Fest
Sep 2 - On an actual moving boat on the Missouri River
Sep 3 - Omaha at Nebraska Hardcore Showcase 7