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'Noisey London' Is Tonight: Here Are 6 Stories About Grime You Need to Read Now

Did you hear? 'NOISEY London' airs tonight on VICELAND.

Jammer in NOISEY London

Conversations about grime in 2016 are built around the past, present, and future. Most genres just deal with the last two of those three—they have their established origin stories and legends, their understood leaders and pillars. There are always gaps to fill in, sure, but there tends to be a solid history.

But grime was pushed out onto the margins for more than a decade, ignored wholly by the mainstream before its unlikely but timely explosion on both sides of the Atlantic. The picture’s not fully developed yet. Fragments are still being pieced together while the scene moves forward, tearing through itself and constantly starting fresh.


NOISEY London premieres tonight at 10 PM EST on VICELAND. It’s a snapshot of a scene that’s been bursting at the seams for almost a generation. In advance of the premiere, we’ve put together some of the most essential grime coverage from the Noisey archives as a primer. When you're finished, be sure to read our extended interview with Giggs (even though, we know, he's not a grime artist).

The 20 Best Verses in Grime… Ever
This is a rundown of grime’s greatest ever verses and, yes, it’s pretty comprehensive. But it’s also a reminder that Tim Westwood—THIS GUY—is a real thing. Actually, he’s a pioneer. What a delightful turn of events.

Fuck What You Heard: The Rise and Rise of Section Boyz
A look into the South London scene through one of grime’s most exciting newcomers. With London changing under the weight of corporate influence, Frederick Macpherson finds an unexpected positivity to Sectoin Boyz in the midst of their bravado.

Lady Lesurr Isn’t Having It Anymore
For all its freshness, grime’s public face remains predominantly male and almost entirely focussed on London. Lady Leshurr, from the ‘second city’ of Birmingham, is done with that. “Being black is another thing altogether,” she tells Niloufar Haidari. “Especially a black female, so add that to being from outside of London, and I tick all the boxes! But I'm breaking those barriers.”

Ten Classic Grime Photos and the Stories That Inspired Them
Simon Wheatley, the photographer behind the essential early grime book Don’t Call Me Urban, picks out ten of his most important shots and talks about their origins. Not only are the shots brilliant, but Wheatley’s stories are poignant on their own.

A History of Grime and VICE
Did we mention that VICE has been instrumental in grime’s resurgence? Because we have. John McDonnell, author of Noisey UK’s “Grimewatch” column, takes a look back at VICE’s relationship with the genre and his own favorite moments.

Five British MCs That American Grime Fans Need to Hear Right Now
We just published this today, but it's still worth your time. Outside of the history of the genre that we get into in tonight's episode, it's important to get to know the artists who are in the margins. These are those artists.

NOISEY London airs tonight at 10 PM EST on VICELAND.

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