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Has Heaven Opened? Because a Track Featuring Nas, J Dilla, and Madlib Has Been Released

The track appears ahead of J Dilla's upcoming posthumous album 'The Diary'.

Image via Wikimedia

You know how every rap nerd wants to bore you by delving headfirst into the semantics of how, like, ugh, Illmatic is the greatest rap album of all time? And then, when they're finished with that, they're already revving themselves up for a fast-tongued sermon on how J Dilla and Madlib are two of the best producers to ever step into the rap game? Well, looks like heaven has ascended and blessed those rap nerds, because a track featuring Nas, J Dilla, and Madlib has been released.

Titled "The Sickness", the track is taken from a new posthumous album made up of unreleased material from the late, great hip-hop icon J Dilla. Since all three of those artists knock harder than a bailiff, "The Sickness" is an obvious banger. Not just for rap nerds, but for anyone with at least a passing interest in hip-hop too - which should have been expected, given the artists involved. As a side-note, it's worth mentioning that Dilla's vocals were recorded way back in 2001, while Nas added his bars earlier this year. Listen to the track below and read a statement from Nas on its release.

“May J Dilla continue to Rest in Power in Hip Hop Heaven for eternity. Honored to play a part in his works and honored to be a part of this song. He shines down on us with while we get to enjoy his Diary Of J Dilla album. His word ring loud on this one. Salute to all those who collaborated on this piece. Salute to Detroit and his family.”