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Listen to the Mellow Magic of The Lonely Biscuits' "Circle Lines"

Like a warm hug and neat whiskey shot.
March 2, 2015, 4:13pm

You know what's great about music? When a façade crumbles (perhaps you were fooling yourself all along) and it hurts like hell—well music is the hug and whiskey chaser that can make the sting a little less tart. Either that or it can make you wallow in your angst for a little bit longer—but there's merit in that too. This song isn't really about any of that, but it's the kind of melancholic (alt-country angled) indie-pop that's applicable to whatever you mood might be in. My status update is currently: "BUMMED OUT," but "Circle Lines" is gently optimistic.


Formed at college in Nashville back in 2011, The Lonely Biscuits had this to say about the song: "The lyrics are inspired by both old and new relationships and how we are drawn to people who make us feel the same way we do when we're pursuing a passion. We've been playing this song live for about a month and it's one of our favorites in the set."

Cue—you should proabably go see them live where you too can participate in a warm hug chased with a glass of neat whiskey. Thanks guys.

The Lonely Biscuits Tour Dates

Jan 22 / Bijou Theatre / Knoxville, TN*

Jan 23 / Lincoln Theatre / Raleigh, NC*

Jan 24 / Ziggys By The Sea / Wilmington, NC*

Jan 25 / Orange Peel / Asheville, NC*

Jan 29 / The Lyric / Oxford, MS*

Jan 30 / Minglewood Hall / Memphis, TN*

Feb 27 / The Ready Room / St. Louis, MO*

Mar 10 / DC 9 / Washington, DC

Mar 11 / Mercury Lounge / New York, NY

Mar 12 / Asbury Lanes / Asbury Park, NJ

Mar 28 / Hilltop Music Festival / Bowling Green, KY

*w/ Moon Taxi

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