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PREMIERE: Stream Wildhoney's Vibrant, Shoegazey New EP 'Your Face Sideways'

Gaze into the fun.

Photo courtesy of Wildhoney/Zach Inscho

Wildhoney is a band from Baltimore, MD that play shoegazey pop that can fall anywhere from complete fun to introspective, moody jams. Their new EP Your Face Sideways pushes the boundaries of what's expected of in a smaller release. "Ceiling Fan" is a perfect opener for the record, the dreamy vocals bouncing off of the progressive and excited movement of the guitars. "Hurts To Hear" shows a punkier, focused momentum leading to a killer song in about two minutes. The album closer "FSA II" is a twelve minute jam that starts off completely instrumental, delivering atmospheric chrods and reverberations on top of one another. They extract the pure essence of the other songs and sounds from the EP, before coming to a vocal-laden close in the final quarter of the song. The record qualifies as an EP, and yet it packs such breadth and length it would be obtuse to not consider it a full record in its own right.

Stream the EP below, and order your copy right here. Also, every dollar from pre-orders of the clear vinyl with black splatter will be donated to The Trevor Project. So not only will you be getting a killer record, you'll also be supporting a killer cause.