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Staff Picks and Good Shit for the Week of April 17

Here's what the Noisey editors were listening to this week while hopelessly chasing their dreams.

Welcome to the Staff Picks, the place where the Noisey editors dump out all the music we recommend you listen to. Though we're not sure why you'd take our advice given that we're just some fucking dorks. Except for Kim Taylor Bennett who played with Green Day when she was 18 and is cool. See above.

Moloch - "Depressive Visionen Eines Sterbenden Horizonts"

Cold Spring is renowned for its industrial, noise, and post-industrial releases, so it's cool to see them branching out a bit into metal (though it does make sense, given Sergiy Fjordsson's penchant for experimental noise projects). Moloch is a raw, minimalist throwback to black metal's Second Wave, distorted to high heaven and anchored to a hypnotic mid-tempo pace. I've been ill for the past three days, so this song sounds exactly what's going on inside my head right now—lots of fuzz, lots of desolate howling, lots of despair, lots of mucus.


Kim Kelly, Contributing Editor
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Corners - "No Confusion"

Greetings from the middle of the desert! I am currently sitting in a golf course in Palm Springs in 90 degree weather wearing all black listening to a playlist full of "summer jams" that I not so interestingly have labeled, appropriately filled with a lot of Burger and Lolipop Records tracks because #Coachella! Just kidding. Fuck Coachella. But seriously, if you are trying to get yourself in the mood for summer and hate wearing color, you should listen to Corners because it's basically goth-y synth-y pop with surfy hooks made for your listening pleasure. These dudes rule, this song rules, go outside and stop working.

Kayla Monetta, Social Producer
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Desaparecidos - “City on the Hill”

I legitimately can’t get over how good this album is. It’s like being lifted to heaven on a cloud of thick distortion. Te amo.

Dan Ozzi, Editor
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Rodrigo Amarante - "Tardei"

Rodrigo is a huge star in Brazil thanks to his band Los Hermanos. Then he became hip in the late 2000s to a different crowd due to his collaboration with The Strokes' Fabrizio Moretti and Binki Shapiro under the moniker Little Joy. He's been doing his solo stuff for several years and it's pretty downcast—which is exactly how I feel just now—so it's working for me. HIs music is a sunset in my soul, etc.

Kim Taylor Bennett, Style Editor
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Mista - "Blackberry Molasses"

I discovered this song because Lantz used it as the second half of the intro to Jazz Cartier's tape. I then discovered that one of the people in the group that sings this song is a 13-year-old Bobby Valentino. Then I discovered that the it was nice outside, and you're probably not into reading long things about how dope music is when that's the case. But if you listen to this song while enjoying the niceness outside, maybe you'll discover something about yourself.

Slava Pastuk, Noisey Canada Editor
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AC/DC - "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)"

Last night I saw LA’s Blazing Eye in a backyard filled with punks. The show was in an industrial part of Brooklyn, and was basically lit by a bonfire of 2x4s, along with the occasional lighter thrown into the blaze. Sick show with four bands, and between sets was music that had virtually the entire room singing along. Most of it was by AC/DC. Goddamnit, Bon Scott was a fucking legend.

Fred Pessaro, Editor-in-Chief
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Hudson Mohawke - "Ryderz"

Hudson Mohawke's debut full-length Lantern releases on June 16. Because I'm a media elite, I've heard it, and it might be my favorite album of the year. I'd embed my favorite track on the album, but it's not out yet so I'm forced to drop his most recent single "Ryderz" into this blog post, which, whatever who cares because this song is also awesome. In fact, the beat for this song is so compelling that perhaps even I, Eric Sundermann, non-rapper, could spit hot bars all over it and it would not suck. "Ryderz" reminds me of Late Registration-era Kanye, where he'd fuck up soul samples to the extreme and make them sound like they fell out of the sky. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 77 fucking degrees. Are you ready? I'll only be listening to this as I convince my friends to get irresponsibly drunk in the sunshine.


Eric Sundermann, Managing Editor
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Jeff Redd - "You Called and Told Me"

I discovered this song last weekend because someone was playing it loudly enough on my street that I was able to Shazam it from my bedroom, which is an incredible way to discover music, in my opinion. The future is truly something, and we are blessed to be living in it. But the past was also incredible because it contained this Jeff Redd song that the world has since totally forgotten (on the

Strictly Business

soundtrack no less). There are a thousand new acts "merging R&B influences," and some of them are pretty OK, but let's take a moment to consider how great the source material those acts claim to draw on was. This song is so effortlessly fun and joyous and funky and smooth and structured. If you go play this out in front of your ex's window right now you're 100 percent guaranteed to get back together. But if you want to just get funky and party solo on the weekend, this is also your shit. Have fun, pals.

Kyle Kramer, Editor
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