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Behind the Scenes of the New Windhand LP, Doom Metal's Most Anticipated Album of the Year

'Grief's Infernal Flower' is going to crush you, and it's produced by Seattle legend Jack Endino.

All Photos by Connie Aramaki

You really can't go wrong with super thick sludge metal. It blends some of the best riffs and stomps of heavy metal with atmospheric fuzz and effects. And you're not going to go wrong at all with the upcoming Windhand album, coming out on September 18th via Relapse Records. Windhand is a doomy sludge band (or a sludgy doom band, your call) out of Richmond, VA that make some of the most psychedelic and trippy metal around. The sickest doom and sludge is usually made of incredibly tight production and creativity, which is why the new record Grief's Infernal Flower was produced by the legendary Jack Endino at the one and only Soundhouse Recording in Seattle, WA.. Endino's prolific work has touched on everything from Nirvana to High On Fire to smaller bands that we back hard, like Cancers. All signs are pointing to Grief's Infernal Flower being one of the hugest releases of the year, something you really don't want to sleep on. Pardon the pun.


Catch them on tour, and check out some of their music below to initiate yourselves.

July 28: AS220 - Providence, RI
Jul 29: Cambridge, MA - Middle East Upstairs
Jul 30: Montreal, QC - RRROOAAARRR
Jul 31: Toronto, ON - The Garrison