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Go Behind the Scenes in Spain on Wild Beasts' Video for "Big Cat"

For the video for this nihilistic strut of a song, the boys jetted off to Spain only to find their shoot beset with drama: explosions, illnesses, burns, you name it…

Next month Wild Beasts drop their really rather good fifth album

Boy King,

which you can read all about


In the meantime though the band of boys to men are teasing people with singles, because that's what bands do. The latest cut is album opener "Big Cat," a creeping, seductive kind of song that features the lines: "Take the collar off, baby / Won't be a house cat / Are you OK with that? / It takes a lot of love, baby / To love a big cat / Are you OK with that?"


These boys. They always have such a way with words. it's the second song from the album and Hayden describes it thusly: “If ‘Get My Bang’ was a song of the id then ‘Big Cat’ is the ego." For the video the quartet jetted away from Brexit grey England to Spain and above is what happened during what turned out to be a rather eventful shoot.

"'Big Cat' the song was about the first track we wrote for the record, and probably the first where we really hit upon the sonic template—synth bass, sequencers, rude guitars, minimal drums, swaggering songs with Hayden singing about his pain," explains co-vocalist Tom. "The track represents to us a kind of nihilistic strut; you’ll take what’s yours, and hang the consequences (until, as they always do, they find their way back to you…)"

'Big Cat' the video was shot in beautiful Catalonia, Spain, directed by the extraordinary Pablo Maestres. His idea was to put us in a world where we were being constantly pursued, constantly hunted, constantly harassed. He wanted to put over a real unease and paranoia, after all, it’s lonely at the top, and everyone wants a piece of you. The video, almost unbeknown to us, turned out to be something of a European road movie, flipping those tropes on their head, and of course taking place in the most beautiful of mundane family automobiles. We shot for two days and two nights with the largest crew we’d ever worked with, with the most painstaking attention to detail we’d ever come across.


"The shoot seemed to have a shadow over it from the start—not only did a once in a lifetime storm curtail shooting and destroy a load of equipment, but we also had explosions, burns, serious illnesses and malfunctioning tech to contend with. Some kind of forest spirits having their fun at our expense, some kind of cloud that we brought over from London with us. In truth though, the beauty of all of this is that we came out with something way beyond what we thought was possible, way more than we thought we were in for."

Watch the original below and go behind the scenes with the guys above.

Boy King is out via Domino Records on August 5.