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Stream Sevdaliza's 'The Suspended Kid' EP in Full

We're in love.

We have the premiere of Dutch singer/producer Sevdaliza's seductive debut EP, The Suspended Kid, which makes today officially awesome (because sex, duh). I first heard Sevdaliza over the summer, when the visual for her single, “Sirens of the Caspian,” was released. In which, while what sounds like a Shaolin guqin occasionally harps in the background, the imagery of her gold, A$AP Rocky-esque grill flashes in sequence with a slithering snake and shirtless dude. It's pretty tight.


The intimate “Clear Air,” complete with a barreling metallic bass line and jagged synths, sounds like a track Jai Paulmight like. “Backseat Love” details a night of strangers hooking up in Brooklyn—a soulless trance replete with disco vibes and the stench of idle cigarette smoke. Stream The Suspended Kid EP below.