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Style Rider: Kiesza Just Needs Some Socks That Match

Headphones, Chapstick, and sweet kicks round out this Canadian dance-pop smash's tour essentials.

Photo by Tiba Vieira This year, a twenty-five-year-­old former ballerina who performs under the name Kiesza seemingly came out of nowhere with her smash dance­-pop hit, "Hideaway" (she, in fact, came from Calgary). Buoyed by the success of her chart-­topping track (which eventually hit #1 in the UK), she snagged a U.S. record deal, released her international debut album, Sound of a Woman, and was tapped by Jack Ü—the powerhouse electronic duo formed by Skrillex and Diplo—for a feature on their very first track. 2014 was a transformative year for the dance-­pop star, but 2015 will surely top it.


Next month, she's embarking on a tour across Europe, which will—probably! hopefully! undoubtedly!—lead her back to America just in time for music festival season. If she swings through your city, be sure to get your hands on a ticket before the show sells out (because it will). For a young performer, this girl sure knows how to put on a show, and for proof, you should look no further than the music video for "Hideaway," which has been viewed a mindboggling fourteen million times. She dances her heart out on back streets of Brooklyn, channeling Kelly Kapowski in acid­-washed, high­-waisted jeans, a crop top, and suspenders while doing her best Michael Jackson. If you think Zack Morris's girlfriend was a babe, wait until you get a load of Kiesza.

We caught up with the frequently red-­lipped, oft­-midriff­-baring singer to find out what she'll be stuffing into her suitcase when she hits the road this spring. There's no word on whether her Saved by the Bell­inspired suspenders will make the cut. To find out, you're just going to have to go to her show.

(All photos courtesy of Kiesza)


"My hair has a mind of its own!"


"Travel = dry lips! Can't go a day without it."


"Need my music :­)"


"I struggle to match my socks. I'm working at it."


"I like to record on the go. Sometimes my USB sounds better than the expensive professional ones!"


"These pumps are everything!" Casey Lewis does this every week. She's on Twitter.