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Marching Church Features Elias from Iceage, and "Hungry For Love" Is Today's Masterpiece

Check out the new track from Elias Ronnenfelt's project due in March.

If you've ever seen Iceage or met Elias Ronnenfelt, you know that he's got something special going on behind those icy blue eyes. Iceage is an amazing vehicle, but it's hard to imagine any one band containing all of that napalm.

Marching Church is another of Ronnenfelt's projects, who are preparing for the aptly titled This World is Not Enough due on March 31 on Sacred Bones in the US and via Posh Isolation on 3/30 in the UK/EU. The first single is "Hungry for Love," a seven-minute slow-burner punctuated with sparse instrumentation. It's drowning in angst, and is sovereign, sexual, and completely undeniable. You gotta hear it. Order yours at iTunes.