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Here is Dawn Richard's New Track "Northern Lights," Featuring Eve

Dawn Richard and Eve return from the Mothership with a mighty, space-age R&B jam.

One of the finest records of this year so far is Dawn Richard's Goldenheart, which took the idea that "R&B" is as just as open-ended as a concept as "Rock 'N' Roll," and ran straight to the Mothership with it. Richard, formerly a member of Diddy's girl group Danity Kane (as well as part of the team behind Diddy's vastly underrated Last Train to Paris) is now on her own, making music that's just as weird and wonderful as anything you can find. Her latest track is titled "Northern Lights," and features Eve, and we've bumped it like five times in a row this and we've only been in the office for 45 minutes. Stream it below.