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This Modern Love: Rare Times

Ladies, prepare yourselves: a sultry LA duo fills out an OKCupid profile.
July 30, 2014, 7:05pm

Photo by Mike Harris

Expressing yourself romantically is tough. How many times have you tried to say something sweet and ended up comparing your bae’s butt to the sun, or whatever? Save it for the professionals. Rare Times, for example. This L.A. duo are expert linguists of the heart’s native tongue: sweet, sticky R&B. They’re secret vocal weapons for WeDidIt producers like Groundislava, with whom they’ve collaborated on the sultry "Girl Behind the Glass":


How doth the player play? Eager for a clue, we asked Anthony and Alex to fill out an OKCupid profile for the latest edition of This Modern Love.

Anthony: 26/M/LA

Alex: 25/M/LA

Sexual preference:
Anthony: Good girls.

Alex: Bad girls.

My self summary:
Anthony: Broke artist. Passionate, sensitive dreamweaver. I'm a good boyfriend.

Alex: Alchemist, wizard, warlock of sound.

What I'm doing with my life:
Anthony: I'm trying to stay smooth in this harsh climate.

Alex: I'm trying to get tantric with these beats.

I'm really good at:
Anthony: Activating young hearts.

Alex: Growing paler under the white light.

The first thing people notice about me is:
Anthony: My chiseled features.

Alex: I'm rambling.

Favorite books:
Anthony: Soren Kierkegaard The Seducer's Diary.

Alex: Enjoying J.G. Ballard right now.

Favorite movies:
Both: King of New York, Ms. 45: Angel of Vengeance, Dangerous Game. Pretty much of all Abel Ferrara's movies.

Favorite TV shows:
Anthony: I don't watch TV.

Alex: Serial Experiments Lain.

Favorite music:
Anthony: Jazz

Alex: Jam & Lewis

Favorite food;
Anthony: Peanut butter. Spreads well.

Alex: The whole salsa bar.

Six things I could never live without:
Anthony: Deep pondering, wide open space, cats.

Alex: Craigslist, my Ensoniqs, cats.

I spend a lot of time thinking about:
Anthony: Modes and ethnic scales. Brian McKnight melodies.

Alex: Industrial dancing.

On a typical friday night I am:
Anthony: Making some phone calls.


Alex: I'm feeling the heat.

Most private thing I'm willing to admit:
Anthony: I love Coldplay.

Alex: I love reading manuals.

You should message me if :
Anthony: If you're a successful woman with some money to blow.

Alex: If you want to "collab" on a track.


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