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Tennis, Two Fresh, and Big Gigantic's Guide to Denver

Things to do in Denver when you're alive.

Things to do in Denver when you're alive, as suggested by these guys…

TWO FRESH'S RECOMMENDATIONS: The arcade games of 1up.

1. 1up on Colfax
717 E Colfax Ave
Great bar with amazing old school arcade games, especially four player Pac-Man.

2. St. Ellys
1553 Platte St
St. Ellys is a very cool speakeasy style bar with very well made drinks

3. Interstate
1001 Santa Fe Dr.
This is our bar in the Santa Fe Art District that has become our go to because of how close it is to our studio. Great drinks and amazing food!


4. [Tom's Home Cooking]( )
800 E 26th Ave
Tom's is one of our home away from home spots with amazing soul food. If you make it there be sure to try the catfish!!

5. [Old Major]( )
3316 Tejon St.
Old Major is an amazing fine dining restauraunt that showcases dishes around the pig.

6. Pho Duy
945 S Federal Blvd
This is my favorite pho spot in the country!! Even the vegetarian broth is straight crack.

7. [Red Rocks]( )
18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison
For every new comer to Denver it is a must to see the wonderful Red Rocks. From the huge rocks surrounding the stage to the amazing sound, Red Rocks is our most breathtaking venue

8. 1up on Colfax
717 E Colfax Ave
Not only is 1up one of our best bars, but it's been bringing in very unique performers to not only bless the vintage games but rock the low ceiling venue area behind the games.

9. The Ogden
935 E Colfax Ave
The Ogden is our medium sized venue, which almost seems like the precursor to playing Red Rocks.

10. Natural Remedies
1620 Market St #5w
When we need to get any of our herbal meds, we hit up Natural Remedies for their trees and edibles. As far as dispensaries, they have the quality bar set very high in Denver. 11. [Division West]( )
250 Fillmore St
Division West has all your shoe needs on lock. They don’t get any of the Jordan drops but they keep your Asics gel lyte, and your New Balance and Nike runners stocked with colors to choose from.


12. [Jibberish]( )
1620 Platte St
A great clothing company that has not only great staff and Reddesigners but a wide range of styles in the shop.

13. [David Cho Murals by the Convention Center]( )
700 14th St
We love anything done by artist David Cho.

14. [Santa Fe Art District]( )
Santa Fe Dr
Not only is this where Sherwyn lives, but it’s the block that we make all our new music every day on! Also, first Fridays are always jumping on this street.

18300 W. Alameda Parkway
Red Rocks is one of those places. Even without a show going on, it stands as a breathtaking wonder of Denver, Colorado.



1. Forest Room 5
2532 15th St
Getting a drink at Forest Room 5 is like being on a movie set, or in a large woodland diorama. Weekends draw a large diverse crowd that make for good people watching, but if that's not your thing you can always watch the niche art film that's projected nightly over the bar.
Forest Room 5

2. [My Brothers Bar]( )
2376 15th St
Relaxed neighborhood vibes, good bar food, and a spacious patio. Adorably, the website is just a blank white page with the bar's name and phone number in the upper left hand corner. It's not the sort of place that needs to advertise.

3. [The Cruise Room]( )
659 Wazee St
This little gem is tucked away on the ground floor of the Oxford Hotel. Apparently, it was downtown Denver's first bar, opening the day after the prohibition was repealed. The dim red lighting gives it this incredible Lynchian vibe. Also, it's not quite as hip as it used to be, so if you want to go to a bar where you can find a seat and carry on a conversation without shouting, then this is your new favorite spot.


4. Duo 2413 W 32nd Ave
One of our favorite places for a nice dinner, nice like a date. Excellent food but not insane apocalyptic food, like bone marrow on a bed of petrified wood.

5. Masterpiece Deli
1575 Central St
Really, really good sandwiches.

6. The Curtis Club
2100 Curtis St
One of the latest additions to the Denver bar/restaurant scene and our favorite place to go for happy hour.

7. The Hi-Dive
7 S Broadway
We've played this little venue on South Broadway more than any other. We have extremely high levels of nostalgia in association with that fact.

8. The Sidewinder
4485 Logan St
I should say we've never actually seen a band play here, but I have eaten a burger here before and it was AMAZING. This place has so much character—let's call it atmosphere, that I'm sure if I ever did see a show here it would be my favorite.

9. El Chapultepec
1962 Market St
Historic jazz club: Every city has one, and this is ours.

10. [Tattered Cover]( )
2526 E Colfax Ave
Historic Denver bookstore, full of comfy chairs tucked into corners where you can lose an entire afternoon reading.

11. Twist & Shout
2508 E Colfax Ave
The biggest and best record store in Denver.

12. 303 Boards
1338 E Colfax Ave
As it turns out, Patrick is really into skating. I did not know this about him until recently when he started disappearing for hours and coming back with destroyed shoes. 303 Boards is his favorite local shop, great selection, good people, etc. Also, the owner has a cute dog, which is really crucial.


13. [MCA Denver]( )
1485 Delgany St
The building alone would be worth the visit even if it didn't house numerous world-class art installations—that's just the bonus. The roof has a vibey little cafe with an awesome if slowly diminishing view (thanks a lot high rise lofts!).

14. Washington Park
This is the perfect place to go if you don't have a dog but wish you did. This is what we do on the weekends. There are public tennis courts and a lake and all of the designer breed / rescue dogs your heart could wish for.

15. 1up on Colfax
717 E Colfax Ave
An arcade featuring vintage games—the games of our youth, plus a bar, which makes revisiting the past much better than the actual past. -------


1. [Red Rocks]( )
18300 W. Alameda Parkway
One of the most magical venues in the country in every way possible.

2. Fox Theatre
1135 13th Street Boulder
Staple for the CO music scene. Has had everyone from Dave Matthews to Skrillex to Phish. Every major touring act has played this room and still comes back because of how amazing of a venue it is.

3. Cervantes
2637 Welton St
Have really set themselves apart to make a venue in Denver feel like you're in New Orleans. A place for jam bands to come together, jam, improvise, and create such a cool home for many musicians.

4. The Kitchen
1530 16th Street Mall
We have always loved this place when it opened in Boulder, and now with the Denver locations, it's one of the best restaurants out there.


5. Old Major
3316 Tejon St
Up there with some of the top restaurants in the country. Their meats, cheeses, and creative menu that their head chef / owner, Justin, has created is just simply insane!

6. Acorn
3350 Brighton Blvd
Huge fan of their sister restaurant in Boulder, OAK, and it really has some of the best food and drinks in town.

7. Matchbox
2625 Larimer St
Great dive bar vibe in a new great part of Denver called RINO. Always has great tunes on the jukebox, and you can't beat Bocce Ball in the back!

8. Vine St Pub
1700 Vine St
Full on family vibe with great local bands and local beers.

9. Meadowlark
2701 Larimer St
Great intimate dive bar that always has local Denver bands and local artists working and hanging around the venue.


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