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Another Batch of Acts on Maryland Deathfest's 2016 Lineup Has Been Announced

Samael! Bongripper! Bongzilla! More!

May is the best month for metalheads. Amazing weather, the flowers are in bloom, and everything is beautiful again! Also what is arguably the best extreme metal festival happens in Baltimore, MD. It's the one and only Maryland Deathfest, and the first round of bands in this year's lineup has just been announced. As always, the lineup is super diverse and has every flavor of metal to suit your tastes, from Samael playing a set of 'Ceremony of Opposites' to the elder statesmen of black metal (who infamously had their set cut off in 2013 at MDF), Venom.


Update 7/2/15: the following bands have been added to the lineup:

Craft (Sweden)
Dead Church
Desaster (Germany)
General Surgery (Sweden)
Grave Miasma (UK)
Impaled Nazarene (Finland)
Infernal Revulsion (Japan)
Mystifier (Brazil)
Negative Approach
Sanitys Dawn (Germany)
Yacøpsæ (Germany)

If you're a lame and have trouble parsing the logos above, the 30 bands announced are:

Auroch (Canada)
Denouncement Pyre (Australia)
Deströyer 666
Haemorrhage (Spain)
Hail of Bullets (Netherlands)
The Haunted (Sweden)
Jungle Rot
Khold (Norway)
Lord Belial (Sweden)
Malignant Tumour (Czech Republic)
Mitochondrion (Canada)
Nocturnal Graves (Australia)
Phobocosm (Canada)
Putrid Pile
Samael (Switzerland) - "Ceremony of Opposites" set
Saturnalia Temple (Sweden)
Severe Torture (Netherlands)
Sinister (Netherlands)
Svartidauði (Iceland)
Svarttjern (Norway)
Thulcandra (Germany)
Tulus (Norway)
Venom (UK)
Visceral Disgorge
Wormed (Spain)

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