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Death Grips Just Unleashed a 6-track EP of Instrumentals That Could Melt Steel

The tracks are all taken from their 32-minute video “Interview 2016”, released earlier this year
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Forget the muzak inspired tribute last week of Elevator Grips – today is all about the real thing, because late last night the noise-rap trio dropped six untitled instrumental tracks onto their Soundcloud for your listening pleasure.

If the tracks sound familiar, that’s because you probably heard them in their bizarre 32-minute video “Interview 2016”, which was released earlier this month. In the video, Death Grips were interviewed by Matthew Hoffman who does celebrity interviews for Regal Cinemas. However, instead of hearing the interview audio itself, we were treated to a wall of aggressive, fire-packed beats (the ones you hear below).

There’s obviously no context for this latest EP – this is Death Grips, after all – but the release comes following last week's announcement that their fifth album Bottomless Pit is finally on its way.

Listen below: