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Brooklyn Heshers Tournament Offer Some Damn Fine Dirty Rock'n'Roll on 'Teenage Creature'

Stream their sweaty, beer-soaked new album (out 3/25 via The End).

I woke up this morning and took a shower. You may have done the same, it’s really none of my business. But if, like me, you’ve cleaned yourself in the last 24 hours it really was a fucking pointless endeavor because now you’re about to hear Tournament’s new album, Teenage Creature, premiering on Noisey in advance of its March 25 release on The End Records.

Teenage Creature is a flithy, sweaty hard rock record made by four people who, it seems, were played The Greatest Guitar Riffs of All Time Vol. 3 while in utero. It’s shamelessly good fun, stumbling from its heavy metal roots ("Scattered", "Eye on You") all the way down to its thrashy punk core ("Whip"). When they piece things together, though, they step it up further. Tracks like "Sean’s Place" see Tournament find themselves and dig a little deeper—not that it’ll make you feel clean or anything.

Crack a beer or something, it’s Friday, right? You might want to break some shit, too, but that’s not really our fault. Either way, listen to Teenage Creature below, and cop it from The End Records next week.

Alex Robert Ross is staying (un)clean on Twitter.