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Producer Eric G Shares 9th Wonder-Inspired Remix Project

The Jamla producer gives us 'Eric G Reinvented the Remix.'

Seattle-based Eric G—producer for 9th Wonder's label Jamla—has shared a new project of 26 remixes to get you through this weird period between Christmas and New Years, when you're at the office acting like you're doing work but you're really just trying to spend that Amazon gift card. The collection, named Eric Reinvented the Remix, takes its title from 9th Wonder's project back in 2003, 9th Invented the Remix, which is something that Eric says inspired him to start making beats. Some of the artists remixed are the following: Danny Brown, Future, Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar, and pretty much any other rapper that's released music in the past two years. Stream it below (and check the tracklist), and head over to Eric's Bandcamp to download it for free.


01. Grown Up
02. Karate
03. Made
04. Jordan
05. Look Of
06. Hussle
07. Fetty
08. Video Phone (Interlude)
09. Backseat
10. Dnf
11. Sad Future
12. RiRi
13. Slow Songz
14. Señorita
15. 6ix
16. Hope
17. NY
18. No Alibi
19. Katy Perry (Interlude)
20. Still Got Eem
21. I Will
22. Honesty
23. CoCo
24. OG Bobby
25. Bando
26. Keep It G