This story is over 5 years old.

iLoveMakonnen and Lil B Toast Their Imitators with "Can't Let It Go"

Based worlds unite.

Anyone with ears knows Lil B and iLoveMakonnen have fathered a whole generation of young rap weirdos with their affable personas and light-hearted based freestyles. Last night the duo teamed up for a track to remind everyone who they got their style from. In the six-minute "Can't Let It Go," Makonnen takes the first half out to razz unoriginal rappers behind a thick coat of reverb before the Based God slides in on a smooth flow musing about what it's like to hear your ideas make it on the radio without you, the production swaying woozily underfoot throughout.


Considering how prolific each of these guys is on the mic, there is probably a lot more where this came from. If Makonnen's Twitter is to be believed, the pair is about to head out on tour. If we're being honest, they should probably run for president too. The ticket wouldn't look crazier than anything currently on the table, huh? Stream "Can't Let It Go" below.