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Watch Mitski's "Your American Girl" Video Because It Is Perfect

When the object of your affection ends up getting with a Coachella basic sometimes the only thing to do is make out with yourself.

It's funny that as cuffing season officially comes to a close and we're all shedding clothes and hitting the street for some action (right? Right!), two videos should come out over consecutive days where spooning is mentioned straight up top.

Yesterday it was Elliphant's demand "Spoon Me" and today Mitski drops the vid for "Your American Girl" which features the line "If I could I'd be your little spoon / And kiss your fingers forever more / But big spoon you have so much to do / And I have nothing ahead of me." Girl get busy. Get confident. No one wants a little spoon who's a sap. JK.

This Mitski song is fucking amazing because it's vulnerable and real and also clobbers the listener over the head with distorted power chords that immediately recall Weezer's Blue Album—always a welcome sound. Meanwhile the video elevates the whole shebang further: There's Mitski's looking cute and conservative, all wide brown eyes, gazing at her questionably tank-topped love interest, who then starts rampantly making out with a Coachella basic (nice flower crown and crochet, dude), and in response Mitski starts caressing, biting, and kissing herself like she's in an erotic fever dream.

It. Is. Perfect.