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Roll on Up to Hard-Rock Heaven with a New Music Video from Bella Novela

Watch the Long Beach trio's latest video.

Photo by Cara Garcia

Bella Novela is an extremely fucking good hard rock band from Long Beach, California. “Hard rock” as a descriptor can maybe come off as a bit namby pamby, but with a healthy mix of Linda Ronstadt and Queens of the Stone Age coursing through their veins, Bella Novela don’t really have to worry too much about what terms might get attached to them. The band’s 2014 album, Telemetry, (their third) is a concept album about the beyond-popular Mexican soap opera, Cuna de Lobos. Telemetry works both as complete album in the “remember when people bought whole records” vein and as a collection of smoking in the bathroom/backseat singles. Writing songs that can serve as the soundtrack to both a long drive or a short fuck is not an easy feat for a band, either in the 70s or post-2010. All in all, the record is a very fine kicking-at-the-pricks-while-wearing-its-heart-on-its-sleeve shebang.

The new Bella Novela video, for title track "Telemetry," is an old-school affair. The band, some lights, the song, and that’s it. The music (augmented by a bevy of impressive hair flips and headbangs) does all the heavy lifting. We at Noisey are pleased as an Altamont speed dealer to premiere it.

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