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NOFX Have Some Regrets About All Those Drugs on "Six Years on Dope"

Sober up with this song off their new album, 'First-Ditch Effort.'

Photo: Joe Leonard

If you’ve read the NOFX book that came out this year, you know how fond the band has been of drugs over the years. Granted, you didn’t have to read 350 pages to know that. It’s been a pervasive theme in their songs, their live shows, and just their general worldly existence. But now, as judging from Fat Mike’s recent Instagram posts, he’s been doing some detoxing. And in the band’s new song, “Six Years on Dope,” we see a new NOFX, one where they seem to be showing some remorse about being full grown adults with drug habits.

In the song, they reflect on the years lost to substances with lines like “I was a human trash can, shortening my lifespan" and "I was a moron bro with impetigo." The song reads like the punk version of that Beyond Scared Straight show where the prisoners terrify the piss out of misbehaving teens until they get their shit together. So, punks, take Mike and Melvin’s advice here: Drugs aren't punk. (Littering, though, that's punk as h*ll.)

“Six Years on Dope” is off of NOFX’s new album, First-Ditch Effort, which is out on October 7 from Fat Wreck Chords.