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Style Rider: Dua Lipa Needs 'My Little Pony' Stickers and Her PJ's

Check out how tabasco and fluffy coats work their way into the 20-year-old's style.

Photo via Dua Lipa's Instagram

The UK has brought us another pop gem care of Dua Lipa. While you might be duped into thinking that Dua Lipa is just her musical moniker, it’s not: it stands for “love” in Albanian. The 20-year-old started surfacing late last year after releasing her first single “New Love,” which was produced by Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt and producer Emile Hayne. She also has the same management as Lana Del Rey, which means Lipa’s future looks bright. Don’t expect her music to be the same as Del Rey’s though; it’s dark, soulful pop that you can dance and cry to. While there’s a magical quality to Lipa’s music, it’s less Manic Pixie Dream Girl and more real girl, Amy Winehouse and Adele-fueled soul.


With press photos that screamed dreamy, boho-chic, we wanted to get to know more about Lipa’s style. From tabasco to stickers, see what Lipa’s style looks like behind-the-scenes and on the road.


I need my 8-hour cream from Elizabeth Arden. I was given one on a shoot, and I now use it everyday. It’s the best thing for dry lips or sore, cracked skin. I need it always especially in the cold winter. It smells lovely too!


I love them. Pretty much most of the time you'll find one on the corner of my eye. The bigger stickers are just to stick around on things! My mic suffers the most from “My Little Pony” stickers.


I wear my pj's to the studio quite often. I spend a lot of time there, so I wanna be comfy. I'll deffo have them with me on the tour bus. And, of course a big fluffy coat. I have a few crazy, colorful ones, but I also just have a big, warm, black winter coat. Colors vary on my mood!


The two T’s: can't go without them. Tea, any kind of tea. Tabasco: breakfast, lunch and dinner without fail.


I'm not a morning person. So when I have to deal with early mornings (which is everyday, especially when I have to catch flights), I can pretend it’s dark for that little while longer!!