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Style Rider: Grunge-Poppers Idle Bloom Stay Fresh-Faced and Caffeinated on Tour

The Nashville grunge-pop quartet loves matching outfits, hates pants.

The Nashville music scene seems to just be blossoming. We’ve seen a ton of stars come out of the city (hey, Taylor), but there’s an underground network of rockers to take note of as of late. Meet Idle Bloom, a grunge-pop four-piece that incorporates psychedelic riffs into their tunes. Comprised of Olivia Scibelli, Katie Banyay, Callan Elizabeth Dwan and Weston Sparks, the band’s lo-fi jams recall serious '90s vibes with haunting vocals. They released a debut EP less than a month ago, but they’ve been on the road playing shows for some time now. With a lot of love for twinning in outfits, 5-Hour Energy, and makeup, Idle Bloom filled us in on their touring essentials.



Olivia: I know we're (well, us gals…) all inspired by the fashion of glam, goth, new wave, etc., especially on stage. What's more fun than painting your face? The more glitter the better.


Katie: Somehow, by magic, we always end up matching. As coincidental as I wish it was, I think it's because we actually only ever wear black (mainly velvet, especially in the colder months) and animal print.


Olivia: Being on the road can be the most inspiring, but it's not always easy working out songs in the van, especially our tiny one. I have this guitar with a build in speaker that runs on batteries called The Terminator. It makes for a great road companion. I got Callan one for Christmas so now we have two!


Katie: A good night's sleep (with none of last night’s makeup stuck to your face) is essential! For those stuck in party jail, ear plugs and a sleep mask are a must. Makeup wipes (Dermalogica, you have my heart) are the best. Any type of oil for dry skin rules too.


Callan: There's a lot of downtime in the van. As an adult I've learned to use this time wisely. Socks are essential for everyone with an aversion to pants in the cooler months. Fuck pants.


Weston: Two for five bucks. Five more hours of driving. Five more hours of dad jokes. Don't be fooled by the "6-hour Energy" bullshit. Those are just 2-hour energy.

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