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Is Dead Lord the Second Coming of Thin Lizzy?

Listen to our stream of their latest album, 'Heads Held High,' and find out.
August 24, 2015, 3:32pm

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There will only be one Thin Lizzy, but Phil Lynott and the lads created something so special with that band that now, nearly thirty years after Philo drank himself into oblivion, new bands still strike to recapture that bottled lightning. The young, ballsy Swedes in Dead Lord, whose entire discography sounds like a homage to Lynott's swaggering brilliance, are one of the best of the bunch, as they make clear on their Century Media debut, Heads Held High (which, through coincidence or not, was officially released on August 20, the day after Lynott's birthday).


Hakim Krim hauls out a scarily good Lynott expression on Heads Held High; if you're the kind of person who considers reincarnation a viable afterlife activity, he'd make an excellent poster boy for its benefits. The album is out now on a variety of formats—CD, digital, and of course, a billion different colors of vinyl.

Crack open a bottle of Irish whiskey, throw on the album (or our stream below), and see which one you get through first.

Dead Lord will also be hitting a buch of European festivals before launching into a full-on tour with Audrey Horne and Dead Cty Ruins next month.

Dead Lord festival dates:
08.29.2015 Stockholm (Sweden) - Geronimo's FGT / Record release show
09.19.2015 Wiesau (Germany) - Storm Crusher Festival
11.27.2015 Dortmund (Germany) - Leafmeal Festival

European Tour with Audrey Horne and Dead City Ruins
08.31.2015 Copenhagen (Denmark) - KB18
09.01.2015 Berlin (Germany) - Magnet
09.02.2015 Hamburg (Germany) - Headcrash
09.03.2015 Leiden (The Netherlands) - Gebr. De Nobel
09.04.2015 Antwerp (Belgium) - Trix
09.05.2015 Paris (France) - Divan du Monde
09.07.2015 Bilbao (Spain) - Sonora
09.08.2015 Madrid (Spain) - Sala Caracol
09.09.2015 Barcelona (Spain) - Razzmatazz
09.10.2015 Bordeaux (France) - iBoat
09.11.2015 Marseille (France) - Poste a Galene
09.13.2015 Pratteln (Switzerland) - MiniZ7
09.14.2015 Milano (Italy) - Lo Fi Club
09.15.2015 Wien (Austria) - Viper Room
09.16.2015 München (Germany) - Backstage
09.17.2015 Stuttgart (Germany) - Kellerklub
09.18.2015 Oberhausen (Germany) - Kulttempel
09.19.2015 Wiesau (Germany) - Storm Crusher Fest (AH/DL only)