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Autre Ne Veut Shares a Beautifully Grotesque and Sexual New Video for "World War Pt. 2," Announces New Record

Sex can go from hot to weird in an instant. Yeah baby.

Autre Ne Veut is a multi-faceted musician that plays a diverse range of music incorporating electronic, jazz, and rock elements into one solidified form. Today, he announced his new record Age of Transparency—out October 2 on Downtown Records—and released a new video for "World War Pt. 2," directed by BANGS (Allie Avital). In the video, Autre Ne Veut and a partner are constantly in the act of coitus, and it goes back and forth between having moments of beauty to parts that are completely grotesque and make you never want to come in contact with another human intimately ever. The song matches this sort of format, moments of pure pop strength to using electronic noises as gross affects on the track.


Watch the video below, and pre-order the track right here.