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Big Sean Ruins Everything: Shoe Edition

His new collaboration with Adidas looks like a hypebeast shitting out a rainbow fish.
August 28, 2014, 4:37pm

Big Sean why do you have to ruin best mistake :/

— michael come thru!! (@Mukeftzjm) August 28, 2014

Why Big Sean ruin every song he's on

— Martel (@ThoughtsofCole) August 27, 2014

whenever i see (feat. big sean) I know 2 things: 1. the song is gonna be dope 2. big sean is gonna ruin it anyway

— OG WENTWORTH (@BigHPrivateEye) March 24, 2014

These are just a few of the tweets you'll find if you search Big Sean and "ruin" on Twitter. Even though it's common knowledge that Big Sean is the weakest link in every song he hops on, Kanye's inexplicable protégé has still managed to sustain his rap career. Power to him for that.


But now human wet blanket Big Sean has moved on to ruining shoes for Adidas and the rest of us. For his third collaboration with the Adidas Originals, Big Sean truly outdid himself, blessing us with the fugliest shoes of 2014, next to Kid Cudi's butchered Michelin Man sneakers by Giuseppe Zanotti. Just when you thought nothing could stop Adidas' reign—between their collaborations with Kanye (TBD) and Pharrell and the Stan Smith dominating pop culture this year thanks in part to Rihanna—here's Big Sean to kill the party.

How exactly did Big Sean manage to fug-up a pair of classic Adidas '80s Metro Attitude Hi? Two words: rainbow fishscales. And the fact that his lyrics to "First Chain" are printed inside the shoe. Worst, Big Sean also managed to give Hawaii a bad rep in the process, citing the state as the inspiration behind his shoe. "I’ve spent a lot of time in Hawaii with the G.O.O.D. fam just recording," he told Complex. "It’s one of those places where I just felt comfortable with myself and it’s where I had some of the best experiences and learned the best lessons of my life. It was cool to incorporate those experiences into the shoe. Every sneaker, I want to have a cool theme to it and tell a deeper story. We working from that perspective and adidas definitely helped conceptualize it. I’ve always got to come with something new and fresh. I’m going to keep it me and keep it Detroit, and have fun with it.​"

Unfortunately it looks this is just the beginning of Big Sean's footwear ventures. He also told Complex that someday he wants to become a shoe designer: "The more and more involved with the brand I get, and the deeper I get into designing things, I’d eventually like to make my own shoe, like an original style. But for now, this is great."


Hopefully he doesn't go to Kanye for design tips and drag Ye down with him.

Big Sean's Hawaii-themed Adidas hit stores September 13.

Marissa will not be purchasing them. She's on Twitter - @marissagmuller.


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