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Premiere: Meet "Natasha" and Become Acquaintaned with Lonnie In The Garden

It goes a long way to proving correct the theory that everything in life can be solved with crafts.

Photo courtesy of Rima Sater

It wouldn't be incorrect to say that Art Attack was ahead of its time in a lot of ways. The UK-based show informed viewers that there was no problem too big or too small to be handled with a craft, and it appears that Lonnie In The Garden have aimed to prove this true in their new video for "Natasha."

Utilizing only a tabletop, aluminum cans, and black and white paint, the video is a minimal take on that thing Anna Kendrick did in a cute and awkward way in the year 2013 with "Cups," but better. The song itself a beautiful blend of noise, crashing in and cascading out of focus over the course of several minutes. Throughout the video, lead singer Lynne Craven performed the activity while keeping a mantra in mind: "'Stella Ella Olla' has just re-entered my life. My girlfriends and I had a pretty intense game, which now as an adult included some new rules. Circle, clapping, singing and competition is some kind of magic. It takes some rhythm and serious slapping skills to call in a win. Of course, the final two dual in a powerful thumb war. Bow, touch, hide, kiss… Begin."

The song comes off Lonnie In The Garden's album Black, released by Out of Sound Records on April 28th. Part two of that record will follow later in 2015 and will be titled Black.