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Willow Smith Searches for Relevance, Covers King Krule

Isn't this Birdy's job?
September 5, 2014, 10:36am

You may remember Willow Smith for her collaborations with SZA, Kitty Cash, or Ta-ku; but the likelihood is that you probably recognise her more for whipping her hair back'n'forth and being the daughter to professional Dad, Will Smith, than her released music. Anyway, this could all change now that she's released a cover of King Krule's "Easy Easy" - a song that, when it was originally put out, was backed by everyone including Beyonce.

The cover is OK, I guess. It's hard to really have any feeling about it; since the backing track is exactly the same it's basically karaoke. Is this allowed? Should new artists claim the right to cover other new artist's songs? Should there be a rule stating you can't cover a track unless it's, like, ten years old? Last month Neon Jungle received a tonne of abuse for releasing their own version of BANKS' "Waiting Game" and Birdy basically ruined "Skinny Love" a few years back - which are both great cases in point.