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Surprise! Here is The Full Line-Up of All the Events at The First Annual NO FEST in Toronto

May 20, 2016, 1:39pm

Aaaaaaaand here are the rest of the bands and events for Buzz Records first annual' NO FEST. Speedy Ortiz, the band we named one of the best artists of 2015, headline the second day, joined by Toronto rockers Greys, shoegazer Vallens and bunch more on both days.

Are you amped? You should be. Remember, you can still grab Day One Tickets here, and Day Two Tickets here. Weekend Passes are here. For more info, check out the official No Fest site and FB page. We'll see you there.

June 17th Day 1 - The Garrison, 9pm: Chastity Belt, Fake Palms, Twist
June 18th Day 2 - The Garrison, 9pm: Speedy Ortiz, Greys, Vallens
Free Day Party (June 18th) - Garrison Front Room, 12pm: Casper Skulls, Pet Sun, PONY
Apartment Afterparty (June 18th) - Ian's Apartment, 1am: Bad Channels, Nailbiter