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PREMIERE: Groove Along to Marlon James's Self Titled EP

Listen to Toronto's own Marlon James find his funk in his new self-titled EP.

With so many iterations of R&B in 2016, it almost seems impossible to stand out without adopting from other influences. But the situation for Toronto's Marlon James is a little different. He has a funky alternative R&B sound that seems to flirt well with his inspirations, without ever going all the way. In his self-titled EP, he has successfully created his own brand of sound by mixing elements of catchy in-the-pocket funk, R&B, and electronic all into one package. Marlon keeps it original but also gives listeners recognizable rhythms and sounds that come off faintly nostalgic.


"This is for the people who get goosebumps when they hear Marvin’s voice crack, or Prince’s guitar dancing in the pocket, or Neil making a three chord song interesting for seven minutes," Marlon James explains via email. "I set out to make something that sounds different, yet familiar, old, yet new, and most importantly, something that sounds undeniably like Marlon James."