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Darkstar Continue To Shine a Spotlight on the North in "Days Turn Blue"

The video continues the theme of their third album 'Foam Island' and follows a wide selection of Huddersfield residents going about their daily life.

Darkstar's latest record Foam Island gives voice to Northern England's neglected youth. Before recording the album, the duo ventured up the country - over fifteen times - to interview young local people. They hung out with these strangers, eating dinner in their houses, and gradually befriended them. These interviews informed the content that we hear in their third album, Foam Island.

Today Darkstar release a new video for "The Days Turn Blue". The Lucy Luscombe directed short film follows the theme of Foam Island by following a wide selection of residents in Huddersfield going about their daily life. We see school kids. Teens riding mopeds. Factory workers. Young mothers and fathers. A primary school brass band. The video, which is released as part of Warp Arts series (a collaboration with Channel 4: Random Acts) is available to watch below.