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Man Fires Bullets Into a Cop’s House, Turns out He Was Making a TikTok Video

The lengths people will go to to just to get the perfect shot.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Man Fires Bullets Into a Cop’s House to make a TikTok Video
Photo by Eddie Edwards / Pexels (left) and Kon KarampelasUnsplash (right)

This article originally appeared on VICE India.

For some reason, people think it’s really cool to upload TikTok videos posing with guns, that somehow wielding a pistol makes them the ultimate online badass. In the past, this obsession with including guns in TikTok videos have gotten the creators in big trouble, even led to unfortunate deaths. Now, a 32-year-old Noida man is also in trouble.

TikTok enthusiast Puneet Shisodia can often be seen posing in moving cars or with fake guns on the short video making app. But on March 6, he decided to fire some bullets from his licensed pistol to make the video look more authentic. So, he fired some shots in his housing society to get the perfect shot for his profile. He would have gotten away with it too. Unfortunately, the bullets landed straight into the house of a police officer who lived on the 17th floor. When Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mayank Bansal and his family returned home that evening, they saw that someone had shattered the window pane and found the bullet marks. Not knowing that this was all caused by a TikTok enthusiast, Bansal immediately took the matter to the police station.

Upon investigation, the police realised that Shisodia was not only the culprit behind Bansal’s window damage but was also the guy the housing society had regularly complained about for driving around in an SUV blasting throwback tunes from Bollywood movie Tere Naam. The police have now arrested the irresponsible shooter and confiscated his legal gun, along with 106 bullets.

Considering TikTok is known for having a user base populated by teenagers, they recently established community guidelines that ban the use of any firearms, unless shown along with a police official or at a shooting range, and have a no-tolerance policy stricter than any other social media. So the next time someone tries to upload a video with a gun, chances are TikTok will probably shoot it down.

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